So…You Own a Small Business, eh?

You Own a Small Business — or at least, you are thinking about owning one.

If you are a small business owner, you already know the issues.

If you are thinking of becoming the owner of a small business, you should go in with your eyes open knowing exactly what you are getting into.

Christmas Day
If you are the owner, there is no such thing as 9-5 hours for you.  It is your business 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365-366 days per year, year in and year out.

If there’s not enough to make payroll, it’s your problem.

If taxes are due, it’s your problem.

If the plumbing leaks, it’s your problem.


Yes, you may have staff you can delegate tasks to, but the ultimate responsibility is still YOURS!

If the business is not growing, it is your problem.  If it is growing, it is great!
But no one will be there to applaud your heroic efforts to make it happen.

Are you starting to get the message?

Not only do you need to be really great at what you do!
That is what your business is about.
But you have to be able to run a business, too!

Do you realize all that you need to know and do besides
whatever it is your business offers — whether a service or product?

Attention: Small Business Owners!

So….how are you supposed to learn all that?  By osmosis? By asking the business owner next door how he handles it?

Those are options — though, not the best, by far.

So where can you get solid, up-to-date information that won’t cost an arm and a leg and 10% partnership in your business?

Glad you asked.

The only source for My Own Business Education is M.O.B.E.

What if…?

What if you could improve your business presentation so that your prospect remembers all the key points?

What if you had five specific actions you could take that would develop a wealthy mindset?

What about the SIX decisions that could make or break your start up?

Do you record your phone calls with customers?
Should you? Or not?

What is it that can set your business apart from the competition?
Especially when you are first starting out?

Should you be advertising online or offline or both?  
What marketing strategies work best for you type of business?

Do you need to hire, but don’t have a clue where to start? Can’t afford to pay minimum wage, but still need help?  
The list goes on and on.

  • Who could you ask these question that would know the answers?
  • Where could you find all that information?
  • How will you know if it is current?
  • How does it apply to your business?
    Which of these topics is most important for you to learn first?
  • What are the most important activities in your business?
  • Do you have time to do them?

Can you afford to pay to learn all this?

Can you afford NOT to?

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