Stress Management for Healthy Living

Stress Management for Healthy Living

One of the most important factors in long-term healthy living is learning good stress management skills.

Does anyone else find it strange that when we were little bitty, we learned to walk and talk and read and write and count and…and…tec. But no one seemed to think it is necessary to teach us skills to manage our stress?

Was it because they didn’t know how? Didn’t they think it was relevant? Did they think we wouldn’t have any stress? Were they never taught stress management skills either?

Actually, it was probably a combination of all of those things plus others.

No matter why we managed to reach the age we are without learning good skills to manage stress, it still remains that stress management can either make or break a person‘s health. We all manage our stress one way or another. It is just a matter of how healthy our choices are.

Examples of Stress Management Techniques

Some commonly used stress management techniques are ones that are not so healthy. These include smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs (both legal and illegal). Chewing tobacco and and smoking “wacky tobacky” would be in this category, too.

Other ways to handle stress fall into behaviors such as bullying or promiscuity. Not so obvious would workaholics and micromanagers (or “control freaks”).

Some behaviors we use to cope are not necessarily unhealthy. They just are coping techniques that we have developed over the years because they seemed to worked. These include:

  • timidity
  • nervous habits such as
  • drumming fingers
  • running fingers through our hair
  • placing our tongue to one side of our mouth during a test
  • twirling hair around a finger
  • tapping a ffot

Sometimes children will pull out hair from their eyebrows or pick their nose.

Some seemingly okay behaviors can have effects on our physical health ranging from mild discomfort to severe. These would include things like the following:

  • high blood pressure
  • stomach ulcers
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • stomach aches
  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • TIAs (mini-strokes)

What coping techniques do you think would lead to these sorts of physical outcomes?

The most likely ones in which we keep our thoughts and feelings stuffed deep inside with no way to let energyespecially negative energy out!

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

So what are some healthy ways to cope?

Some of the obvious ones are activities to burn off pent-up energy. Such as:

  • sports
  • other active hobbies like:
    • yard work
    • gardening
    • hiking
    • taking a walk.

There‘re more relaxing pastimes such as:

  • reading
  • bird watching
  • watching a good movie
  • getting a massage
  • meditating.

Many people deal with stress by talking a friend or a counselor about their problems.

Other people find great emotional and spiritual support through prayer, participating in worship of God or nature.

Many hobbies help to relieve stress (though I think others may actually create it…but that is for another post). To mention a few:

  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • needlepoint
  • sewing
  • fishing
  • working jigsaw puzzles or Sudoku puzzles
  • writing poetry
  • journal writing
  • storytelling.

My favorite of all of these is Sudoku.*  What is your favorite stress reliever? (Post your favorite stress management technique below.)

*As a special treat for my loyal readers (and fellow Sudoku lovers), I have opened a new section of my website. It includes Sudoku puzzles, and Sudoku coffee cups and Sudoku tee shirts and anything else Sudoku that I can locate. Please, if you know of any Sudoku gift suppliers or website owners, please post them below!

Thanks for reading.

Have an awesome day!

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