Ingenious Safety Device for Getting In or Out of the Car!

Ingenious Safety Device for Getting In or Out of the Car

Do you have a bad back? Bad knee? Bad hip?
Maybe you have been very ill or just had surgery? Still weak and shaky?
Do you fear you may fall or not be able to get out of the care safely?
Well, have I got good news for you!
If you have a bad back or a bad knee or arthritis in you hip, you already know how difficult it can be to move from sitting to standing anywhere. But it is particularly tricky if the car is low! And don’t even get me started on trucks an SUV’s, right? Getting into them is the problem.
What if you had a handle on the other side. You know what I mean. There is already a handle to hold onto on the door of the vehicle. What is missing is a handle to support you on the car-side as you get out. Something you can push yourself up with, right?
Well, low and behold, there is!
It is a handle that fits just perfectly into the existing door striker located on the inside of the door frame. You don’t have to worry about whether it will fit or not because it has a universal fit with no costly installation. It even comes with a built in flashlight to make it easier to be safe even at night!
Learn more at the website below (image is clickable). Get two – one for each side of the car! Or more – if you have more vehicles!

The above link takes you to the home page. Click on “Household Helpers”, then “Automotive” in the column on the left side of the page. Click on the one with the guy getting out of the car. That’s the one! Read to your heart’s content, then pick up one for yourself and one for a friend!
Your back will thank you. Your hip will thank you. Your knees will thank you, and you will be safer all around!

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