Healthy Living Includes Relaxing

Relaxing as Part of Healthy Living

Healthy Living is about more than just diet and exercise. It includes emotional, cognitive, mental, and spiritual  health as well. One part of that is rest and relaxation (also known as R&R).

Relaxation is one of various approaches used to maintain cognitive health. cognitive health is the ability to keep mental capacity for problem solving and memory in top-notch shape. As we grow older, there is a tendency not to challenge the mind as much.¬† Part of that may be because our life experience gives us more experience to rely on. However, if we can actually “exercise” brain functions to remain more alert and functional longer, why not, right?

One way to “exercise” the brain is to solve puzzles such as Sudoku puzzles like the one below.

The concept is simple. All numbers from 1 through 9 are included in each row, each column and each outlined cube of nine squares with no duplication of a digit within any one row, any one column, or within each outlined cube of nine squares.

Solving these puzzles helps keep cobwebs from forming in the problem solving sections of the brain. You can find interactive puzzles like the one above online at various websites. There are also Sudoku puzzles in book form that you can find by many checkout stands in stores or you can order some by checking out this link.

If you know someone who is already into Sudoku, here are some great gift ideas for them!

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