Christmas Yard Art is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!


Christmas is coming in FIVE months and FIVE days until Christmas!

But who is counting, right?Christmas Day

Well, I am, obviously.


Because this year my grandbabies will be the perfect age to really make Christmas fun!  They will be four-years-old and two-years-old. Such wonderful, magical ages!

Watching their eyes light up when they see a house outlined in Christmas lights is such a joy to behold!  They are so easily transported from the North Pole at one house to Bethlehem at the next.  The transition is seamless for them.

That is why my husband and I have gradually started increasing the outdoor Christmas decorations on the house and in and around the front yard each year for the last few years. Somehow becoming grandparents was the spark we needed to light the Christmas yard art fire in our veins!

The first year I had found a candy cane at a huge discount at a previous after-Christmas sale. Using that as inspiration, I described to my husband what I wanted.  He took the description and the prototype and went out to his shop.

He figured out how many of them it would take to serve as “posts” for a Christmas “fence” made of Christmas lights. A couple of weeks later, he had designed a pattern, cut out thirty-five candy canes, and painted them red and white striped. Fortunately, we live in the Deep South so the ground was not frozen when it was time to put them in the ground.Christmas Yard Art

Setting them about twenty-four inches apart, I measured and laid them out. Hubby came along behind and pounded them into the ground. Next came the outdoor lights that we draped from one to the next. And ~ viola! ~ the front yard turned into a winter wonderland when the sun went down!

Every year since then, we have outlined the front yard with candy canes and lights.

Since then, we have added signs that line the path to the front door,

Christmas Yard Art

and a trio of angels…

Yard Art

Yard Art





This year, we plan to add a nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.  I will post photos when we set up everything in November.

Since that first year, Hubby has used a pattern that we found online.  It usually takes him just a few hours to assemble the needed materials, cut out the figures, and be ready to start painting them.  He always does at least a couple of coats of paint so they will stay looking good until the twelfth day of Christmas.