Stress Management Tips and Techniques to De-Stress

Stress Management Tips and Techniques to De-Stress

Stress management is something that everyone needs on an everyday basis. We all get stressed.

The common tips and techniques recommended to de-stress are:

  • prayer
  • meditation
  • deep breathing
  • relaxation
  • watching the sunset (sunrise)
  • taking time to smell the roses
  • enjoying a hobby
  • exercise

Something that may help with stress management is something old that has been used for centuries in Asia. Something that is worth giving it a try.  There are no side effects to worry about. It is non-addicting (at least in the physical sense of the word).  And who knows?  It just may be the missing tool in your stress management toolbox.

So what is it?

The Chakra 7 Tower of Power

The Chakra 7 Tower of Power
The Chakra 7 Tower of Power

The Chakra 7 Tower of Power is made of  Orgonite.

Dr. Wilhem Reich, who rediscovered orgonite early in the 20th century, claimed that orgonite was an ancient “cosmic energy.” The term “orgone” has been used interchangably with vril, prana, frequencies, chi,  love, mana, light, magic, and true source energy. He claimed that it effected everything from life in the known universe to the color of the sky and even gravity. In a sense, it is part of the energy life force that connects everything and everyone.

Follow Dr. Reich’s rediscovery, a movement of other Orgone students and creators began and grew.

Orgonite devices are created with the intent to emit an Orgone Field that will absorb and change bad and negative energies in to good and positive energies.  Intent for the use of Orgonite plays a role in how it works.  Jewelry may be worn to shield the wearer from negative Orgone. However, at the same time, it is claimed to boost its wearer’s inner Chi to a level of higher vibration, love and inner energy.

The powerful effects of Orgonite that have been recorded to include:

  • calmer home and work area
  • increased blood circulation
  • turns negative energy into positive energy
  • helps plants to grow better
  • mental clarity
  • improved sleep
  • helps control mood swings
  • detoxifies water
  • deepens meditation
  • slows aging
  • re-aligns Chakras
  • protects against EMF, EMR and EMP
  • empowers prayer
  • stabilizes concentration
  • improves focus

Knowing all the potential benefits, creators have been producing a variety of items claiming orgonite benefits including bracelets, necklaces with pendants, wands for use by reiki practitioners, charms, keychains, and earrings.  More elaborate, more inclusive items utilize multiple elements that may contribute to the beneficial effects.

The Chakra 7 Tower of Power is made of three (3) different levels of density in the mineral/metal matrix’s. Each matrix is made up of a combination of forty-five (45) minerals and six (6)  metals. The outer layer has stone layers and copper layers you can see in the pic.

What makes the Chakra 7 Tower of Power unique is its core.

As seen in the pic it is a seven (7) Chakra Stone Core as to meet each individual Chakra’s vibration and tune them all together for perfect resonance. It is approximately 9 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide at its base. A total of 12 hours of Chakra Binaural Beats and over 24 hours of Reiki Work have gone into this piece. Keep it in a work place or close to your mediation/sleep area for best effect.

From the above description, can you see how you could benefit from the Chakra 7 Tower of Power for stress management?

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Alcohol is a Huge Risk Factor for Cancer


I just read a newly released article about alcohol being a huge risk factor for various types of cancer — specifically, oral/tongue cancer, throat/larnyx cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon/rectal cancer. But did you know there is an increased risk of liver, pancreatic, and even female breast cancer, too?

Over the last few years, the mainstream media has made a big deal of the cardiovascular benefits of red wine with the evening meal. However, those miniscule benefits pale in comparison to the huge increase in cancer risk.

But do we read about these cancer risks in the mass media? No, we do not.

Why is that? Do you think it has anything to do with profits due to intake of alcohol?

In October of each year the entire US seems to turn pink with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities. However, I do not recall even once hearing that eliminating alcohol would reduce the risk. We hear all about mammograms and self-breast exam…but those are for early detection — not for prevention.

Is it true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? When it comes to cancer, this statement could be re-written to read “an ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure.” Being cured of cancer is neither painless nor quick. Ask any cancer survivor. They will gladly share the horrors of the path they traveled.

Ask the loved ones of those who did NOT survive cancer and/or the ravages of treatment.

Neither path is one I would choose or wish on the ones I love.

Is that drink of alcohol really worth the increased risk of cancer? Really and truly? Is it worth it?

Think twice, three times, 100 times, before you say “yes” to your next glass of wine, bottle/can of beer, or shot of liquor.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here is the source of information I used for this article:

To Your Health,

Zona Taylor, BSN, RN, MS

P.S. You may have to sign in to read the article. Sign up is free and this is a respected medical website. I use it all the time for continuing education and breaking news in the medical world.

Diabetes in 2013

Diabetes in 2013

Diabetes in 2013 is a bit different from what it was just a few decades ago. And it is light-years from what it was when I was in college studying nursing in the 1970s.

From having only two drug classes (sulfonylureas and insulin) to having six drug classes (and likely more by the time you read this) today, Diabetes care in 2013 is much different and much more targeted to the causes of high blood glucose levels.

History of Diabetes in 2013

Before the late 1990s, diabetes was diagnosed with blood tests done in a medical lab on two separate dates — usually fasting for at least 8 hours. The cut off value that indicated diabetes was 140mg/dL.  Many people (including my own daddy) walked around with blood sugar levels just below the cutoff and thought they were “fine.”

Diagnosing Diabetes in 2013

Today, the cut off is 126 mg/dL…and it only has to be ONCE.  Also new with the newly released diabetes care guidelines is the option to use the A1c test for diagnostic purposes. For diabetes to be diagnosed with the A1c test the value has to be higher than or equal to 6.5%. These cutoff point reflect the research showing a sudden increase in the occurrence of diabetic retinopathy.

In an effort to catch the disease earlier when it is easier to control, the recommended lower cut points will indeed find more people.  In turn there will be a greater need for diabetes education and support for more people with diabetes for longer periods in their lives.

Have you had your blood glucose checked in the last three years?  If you are over the age of 45, you should definitely have it check every three years or more often based on several factors.  You doctor can guide you on the frequency of screening if you do NOT currently have a diagnosis of diabetes.

If you DO have diabetes, you need to be testing at least ONCE per day.  In some situations, it may be necessary to test much more often. Again, your doctor or diabetes coach can help you sort out what is needed in your unique situation.

Take responsibility for your own health. Be proactive.

Ask for a test for diabetes the next time you see your doctor for any reason.

Visit back frequently. I will be writing on more topics to help you get and stay healthy!!!

To your health – physical, emotional, fiscal, and spiritual

Zona B. Taylor