DIY Solar Panels – Can They Really Save You Money on Your Power Bill?

DIY Solar Panels

DIY Solar Panels – Can They Really Save You Money on Your Power Bill?

I just found the coolest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) instructions online!  It is a very detailed set of instructions on how to make your own solar panels. By making your own solar panels, you can lower your electric bill. And who doesn’t want to reduce what you pay to the power company, right?

Especially at this time of year!  Here is it in the 80s, 90s, and even over 100 some days with lows in the 70s and 80s. Humidity is close to 100% all the time.  This is NOT the time to skimp on using the air conditioner (AC)!

When that power bill arrives and it is nearly double what it was in the spring when we had neither AC nor heat on, it is a bit jarring to the senses. You know what I mean?

Here’s the thing. My husband is an excellent handyman!  He just completed a remodel of our master bathroom. It looks awesome!

Before that, he designed and built a headboard and foot board for our bed. That new bed would probably cost about $4000 or more – if you could even find a design close to it.  This is the first “real” bed we have had in 33 years of marriage.  The rest of the time the mattress and box springs just sat “naked” on those metal frames.

Before that he built a beautiful entertainment center…when the new large screen TV wouldn’t fit in the old one. Visitors to our home have asked where we bought it and are flabbergasted when we tell them who made it.

There have been numerous other projects. And he has mastered each and every one of them.

My point being – he can do really difficult things. He can:

  • design and plan the project
  • make the buy list
  • shop for best prices.

He can do just about anything. Remodeling, building, designing, landscaping, woodworking, and electrical. He can knock out walls, put down new flooring, put up ceiling fans, hang drywall, spackle and paint with the best of them.

So I am totally convinced that he can carry out a step-by-step set of instructions on how to build solar panels. These instructions include:

  • the tools needed
  • the buy list
  • exactly what to do with each and every thing on this list

to build a set of solar panels.

It’s not that we have any more electrical needs than anyone else.  It is simply that the monthly cost of electricity has gone up like everything else.  Our power bill is probably our second highest monthly bill – right behind the mortgage.  If we could reduce/eliminate it without spending an arm and a leg, it would probably be worth it, don’t you agree?

According to the video that talked about the DIY solar panels, that guy was able to cut his family’s electric bill by about $100 per month. And that was with just two solar panels.

Since it costs about $98 to make one panel that means the breakeven point for those first two panels would be two months.

Everything after that would true savings.  If a third one was added, it would likely completely eliminate the power bill most months.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!

Now, you see, we live in hurricane country. What that means – for those who have never had the “pleasure” – is power outages. For me the worst part of a hurricane is watching food spoil. Food spoils because the refrigerator/freezer has no power. After all, we can eat only so much food in a day, right? And the food in the freezer is all thawing at once.

It doesn’t do much good to invite the neighbors for a cookout. They are all having the same problem.

What if:

  • we had enough stored power to get through the power outage?
  • it didn’t matter how long the power was out?
  • we could still have our own solar-generated
  • we had stored power for the household.

Imagine a hot shower and a cold drink while everyone else on the street iDIY Solar Panelss still having cold showers and a lukewarm drink…not such a pretty picture, is it?

Guess it might be time to invite the neighbors to use the shower and offer them a cold drink, eh?

Anyway, I will keep you posted on my progress in getting hubby convinced that he should spend his afternoon making a solar panel…and lowering our power bill.

Check out the video I am talking about, and start saving on your power bill on your next day off: