5 Horrifying Hazards of Normal Jobs

Humor website Cracked.com recently listed 5 Horrifying Hazards of Normal Jobs.
Did you know…

1. Hat makers used to get tremors, lose teeth, hallucinate, and lose their temper because of mercury poisoning? Hence the term, “mad as a hatter.”
2. Several DOZEN farmers die each year from grain bin entrapment?
3. Construction workers get serious skin burns from a very common cement?
4. In just 20 years, 500 men in the textile industry died of “Mule spinner’s cancer” a euphemism for scrotum cancer.
5. About 5 people per year die from DUST explosions. In 2008 a cloud of SUGAR blew up, killing 11 people.

What does this have to do with your online success?

Well, hopefully your job doesn’t have any of these nasty “side-effects” but unless you’re financially free and living the dream…you’re probably working a job that has less-than-desirable attributes.

Long hours?
Low pay?
Stupid boss?
Endless bureaucracy?
Incompetent co-workers?
Irritating commute?
Florescent lights?
Mindless work?
Road Rage over parking spaces?

Whatever it is that makes your job “hazardous to your health”, use it as motivation to finally pursue your dreams of freedom.

Life is too short to work a job you hate.

Life is too short to shorten it further with stress and negativity.

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Zona Taylor

Could You Be Experiencing Bad Effects of Cell Phones? Sleeplessness, Cancer, Anxiety, and More

Cell phones are all around us.
Wi-Fi is everywhere.
Cell towers are sprouting like weeds.

Have you ever wondered if there were any deleterious effects of all these waves?

I had heard some rumbling about a possible link between cell phones and brain cancer, but as a nurse had no direct information to help me resolve the conflict caused by possible health dangers and inconvenience of NOT having a cell phone.

Not long ago I met a fellow nurse who had carried her cell phone in her bra for about ten years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was told at the nationally-recognized cancer center where she sought treatment that it was her cell phone being carried in her bra that was the most likely culprit. She had no family history of cancer. She reported being told that the cell phone should be carried at least four inches away from the body. How many of us do that?

Now I put my cell phone in my purse instead of my pocket if at all possible.


I found this documentary to be eye-opening and enlightening.  I hope you will find it useful.

It is worth the time to watch in its entirety.

Check out http://youfeelingbetter.com for more info.

To Your Health,